I would like to provide some background information about how this portrait Maybe somebody will find this interesting.

I had an idea of a portrait with a shoulders building a half circle. (blue line).

Necklace with helper lines

So I asked her to move her shoulders to each other. At the same moment I saw she has bend her back. That looked very nice together with her arm, so I asked her to move a little bit in one or another direction until I’ve got the green line. The pose is really weird (she said after that: „I thought I looked like a hook“), but I think because of this green line, the pose looks pretty harmonically.

Just before we tried different body poses. I saw that the composition was a bit unstable so i decided to put something on the left side. There is actually a little prehistory on this. One sunday morning, two or three weeks before this picture was made, I just played a little bit with a still life. Nothing special, I just tried this and that. (I believe still life is a best training on the composition – you have all the time of the world. No lame excuses! :-))

One of the pictures I’ve done was this one:


I didn’t liked it, but thought that could be a nice completion for a portrait someday. As I saw the problem with a composition I recall that failed still life and recreated it on her left side (marked with red). The missing necklace matched perfectly to her dress!

The nice accidental detail I like on this image is her finger (marked yellow). I don’t know is it my own interpretation, but I think it brings a nice movement detail to this quite static picture.

Your thoughts and opinions are very welcome!

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  • Алекс, ты полон сюрпризов. И талантов! Нет ли у тебя странички в какой-нибудь социальной сети? Привет семье! Твой друг, Сергей Макаров.

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